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Montmartre Paris

Montmartre Paris

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Paris Sightseeing

Places we have visited on our many trips to this interesting city

Place to rest when you get tried of sightseeing in Paris

paris street cafe france

Paris, the capital of France, is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Paris tower

Not only is Paris often considered to be the ultimate romantic destination, it offers lots and lots of different attractions to everybody: young and old, modern and classical!

To get the first impression one can visit the Eiffel Tower, an iron jewel constructed in 1889. The tower stands at 324 m tall and offers a magnificent view of all of Paris.

Should you prefer a less crowded view-point you can chose the Montparnasse Tower, the tallest skyscraper in France.

The Montparnasse Tower is 210 m high and allows you to observe the city of light from a different angle.

Paris hosts numerous museums, the Louvre being the most famous one.

Louvre museum Paris

The former residence of the French kings located on the right bank of Seine today is home to more than 35,000 art objects from the prehistory to the 19th century. World-famous highlights of the Louvre collection include the mysterious Mona Lisa, also known as La Gioconda, of Leonardo da Vinci; Venus de Milo, the ancient Greek symbol of beauty; the zealous Seated Scribe from Saqqara, Egypt; the enigmatic "Ship of Fools" of Hieronymus Bosch, and the magnificent winged victory, Nike of Samothrace.

Should you prefer the renowned art of the impressionists, the Musée d'Orsay is the place to be. In this former railway station located on the left bank of Seine you will see paintings by Manet and Monet, Degas and Cézanne, and the controversial "L'Origine du monde" of Courbet.

Modern art fans should definitely visit the Georges Pompidou centre. The nearby located Stravinsky Fountain features sixteen figures representing themes of Igor Stravinsky's art.

Not far from Paris, one can visit the famous Versailles. This royal château reminding us of the times of the Sun King Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI is surrounded by magnificent gardens

Paris index of the places we have visited

Audruicq Paris our first trip to Paris a general view of what to see and where to stay. This was a quick visit we wanted to see as much as possible in a short time

Disneyland Paris Disneyland Paris is a few miles outside of Paris. We have been to the park twice and enjoyed our visits.There are places you can stay out side the park and you can book your tickets on the page

Paris Paris Antique Markets make a interesting day out.The market is open Sat, Sun, Monday and is one of the largest antique markets in the world. I would advise you to visit early to get the best bargains

Paris hotel Hotels in Paris a selection of hotels and apartments in and around Paris

  • Images of Paris photos taken of the sights of the city

    Paris boat A day trip to Paris some of the places to visit if you have only a day to see Paris

  • Louvre museum to see it properly you need more than a day

    Paris les champs elysees Les Champs Elysees the main shopping street in Paris. It starts at the Arc of Triumph and finishes at the Place de la Concorde. There are several theatres, lots of shops, cafes, restaurants and cinemas.

    Paris  The Eiffel Tower a must visit the views are terrific. However get there early as the queues can be very long

  • Montmartre area is a mix of old and new everything from the Moulin Rouge to the Sacré Coeur Basilica.

    Paris seine Paris the river Seine One of the best ways to see the Local Attractions of Paris is a boat trip along the Seine

  • Notre Dame Second only to the Eiffel Tower as a symbol of France, the Cathédrale Notre Dame

    Our latest trip to Paris

  • Places to see on a short break Paris

    A guide to a trip to Paris

  • Places to see in Paris
  • Visit to the Palace of Versailles

    Places to visit in France

    The Chateau Chambord in the Loir et Cher region

     Chateau Chambord

    Chateau de Chambord is an enchanting destination nestled in the heart of the Loir et Cher region in France.

    This architectural masterpiece, known for its distinctive French Renaissance architecture, is one of the most recognizable chateaus globally. Its iconic facade has fascinated tourists and history enthusiasts for centuries.

    Our page on the Chateau Chambord

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  • Champs Elesees Paris


    Paris fruit shop

    Fruit and veg shop in Paris

    Paris ar deco lamp post

    One of the Art Deco Lamp posts in Paris

    Visit our new page on the Paris antique markets

    Paris cafe at night

    Paris cafe at night

    Champs Elesees Paris

    Champs Elesees Paris

    You can buy sunflowers in most markets


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